Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour


Are you looking for something extraordinary to do very soon? If yes, Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, an air jaunt to Mt Everest, is the best option. In just one day, you will touch down Mt Everest’s foothills to see the majestic peak up close. Yes, that is right.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is a grand tour to the foreground of Mt Everest. On this one-day tour, you will fly from Kathmandu to Kala Patthar and make the return to Kathmandu. Not even the whole day. In several hours, you will have an aerial view of the Everest Region, clear views of Mt Everest and other peaks, and many more.

The main plan of the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is to make one morning most memorable. It will start early in the morning, around 6:00 AM. By flying to Everest Region via Dolakha, you will reach Lukla, the entrance to Everest. Then you will pass through the enchanting Everest Region to get to Kala Patthar(5,545m).

Upon landing in Kala Patthar, you will have a glorious mountain view. Your morning will be memorable with Mt Everest, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, Nuptse, Thamserku, and Cholatse right in front. To make it more special, you will fly to Everest View Hotel(3,880m), one of the best places to have breakfast in the Himalayas. You will enjoy a stunning view of the whole vicinity with breakfast. You might get lost in the picture for a while.

Then you will take a helicopter flight back to Kathmandu via Lukla. Throughout the flight, you will have gorges, villages, rivers, greenery, geographies, and peaks to watch. Everest Region, one of the most beautiful parts of the world, will be explored by you in one single trip. This is how your one morning will be an extra memorable one. One morning that you will dream throughout life.

Don’t say you do not want to have one morning in Mt Everest’s lap.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Highlights

  • A luxury flight to Everest Base Camp.
  • Attend a picturesque round helicopter tour of Mt Everest’s base camp.
  • Land in the region of Sherpas, the fierce climbers, and the sky-touching peaks.
  • Take a thorough glance at the Khumbu Region like a bird.
  • Fly above and through the region’s lush vegetation and enticing landscapes.
  • Perch in Kala Patthar(5,545m), an unparalleled place for Mt Everest watch.
  • Watch peaks like Mt Everest, Cho Oyu, Gaurishankar, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Cholatse, Thamserku, and others.
  • Dine at Everest View Hotel, a legendary resort located in the mountains.
  • Have a vast panorama of the Himalayas and Nepal.


Phase 01: Airport Transfer and Helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Lukla in the morning

Flight Duration: 40 minutes

We will move towards Kathmandu Airport’s domestic terminal in the morning. It will be around 7 am when we exit our hotel. At the airport, we will join our helicopter pilot. Once the helicopter and everything are ready, we will rise in the skies of Kathmandu valley. And slowly, we will have a panoramic flight towards the Everest Region.

Our pilot will take us to Lukla, where we will land for refueling. The total time duration of the Kathmandu-Lukla helicopter flight is around 35-40 minutes. We will fly above scenic vegetation and Himalayan villages. This way, we will make a smooth landing at Lukla Airport(2,820m).

Phase 02: Refueling and Fly from Lukla Airport to Kala Patthar

Refueling Duration: 10-15 minutes

Flying Duration: 15 minutes

Landing Duration: 15 minutes

While the helicopter gets refueled, we will explore the airport area briefly. The Lukla market is by the airport, with many cafes and houses. We will make the most of our free time.

After refueling, the helicopter will take a giant leap from Lukla Airport to Kala Patthar. Flying above the beautiful Everest region full of vegetation and scattered Sherpa villages, we will navigate toward Kala Patthar. Namche Bazaar, the famous stop of the EBC trek, will also come alongside Khumjung, Gorakshep, and Everest Base Camp.

After the flying time of 15 minutes, we will reach Kala Patthar to land upon. We will get a brief duration to explore the site, merely 15 minutes. The 15 minutes are enough to capture glorious views of Mt Everest and other famous peaks of the region. The weather around Kala Patthar changes eventually. Hence, we will return to our craft after a short landing to leave the place.

Phase 03: Fly from Kala Patthar to Everest View Hotel

Flying Duration: 10-12 minutes

Landing Duration: 30 minutes

We will begin flying where Everest View Hotel, our next stop, lies. While doing that, we will have a bird’s eye point of view again. The great peaks, vast valleys, scattered villages, winding rivers, and dense vegetation will come into sight. We will reach Everest View Hotel to land in 10-12 minutes.

Our expert pilot will make a comfortable landing. The team from Everest View Hotel will be there to guide us to the hotel upstairs. We will get a warm welcome at the hotel. While our breakfast gets ready, we will take a great look at the region. Mt Everest, Cho Oyu, and Ama Dablam will accompany us for breakfast. We will have a lovely breakfast experience.

After a fabulous time at the hotel, we will return to our helicopter. It is time to leave the place.

Phase 04: Fly from Everest View Hotel to Kathmandu via Lukla for refueling

Flight Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

Refueling Time: 10-15 minutes

Our helicopter pilot will leap the Khumbu Region. Flying above the same region, we will reach Lukla Airport again for refueling. We will get another 10 minutes to be in the famous Lukla Region. We can buy some souvenirs.

We will hop into our craft for a long flight back to Kathmandu. It will take around 1 hour to reach Kathmandu. Talking about our Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour experiences and enjoying amazing helicopter views of Nepal, we will sit back in Kathmandu. Nepal’s diverse landscapes, rural villages, winding mountain rivers, rich vegetation, and breathtaking Himalayas will make it a great flight. We will reach Kathmandu without even glimpsing.

Phase 05: Transfer to Hotel

It is the end of the memorable tour. In just 3-4 hours, we will be back in Kathmandu from Everest Base Camp after doing so many things. Then, we will go to our hotel to finish the EBC tour.

Cost Includes

  • Everest Base Camp Helicopter round trip.
  • Hotel transfers
  • All government tax
  • Oxygen cylinders and all the emergency requirements

Cost Excludes

  • Food and drinks
  • Necessary Permits
  • Personal gear and clothing costs
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips and donations
Where is Everest Base Camp located?

Everest Base Camp, southern, lies in the Khumbu region of Nepal in the Solukhumbu district. It is at an altitude of 5,364m.

Does a helicopter land on the top of Mt Everest?

No, the landing is done in Kala Patthar, not on Mt Everest. Landing a helicopter on the top of Mt Everest is almost impossible. The weather in the higher parts is quite unstable. For that reason, Kala Patthar is the safest place to land around Mt Everest.

How long does a helicopter stay at Everest Base Camp?

10-15 minutes only. The weather in the base camp and Kala Patthar area is quite changeable. Plus, it is not good for an unacclimatized body to stay at a high altitude for a long time. Hence, we will remain for 10-15 minutes only.

How much time do we get to breakfast at Everest View Hotel?

Half an hour is available for breakfast at Everest view hotel. The time is enough to enjoy a good breakfast with a great view of Mt Everest, Ama Dablam, and other peaks and hills.

Who will lead Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

We employ licensed, experienced, and professional pilots for our helicopter tours. You will have an expert pilot as the tour leader.

How cold is Everest Base Camp?

Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar are above 5000m altitudes. The areas remain cold always. The average temperature during day time is around 15 degrees. So, no matter what season, we must wear warm clothes while visiting these places.

Will I get a refund in the case of tour cancelation?

Yes, a refund for tour cancelation due to bad weather or condition is claimable. However, if it is due to your reasons, you must pay 30% as the cancellation charge.

I am a solo traveler. Can I join an Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

Yes, there are group joinings for the EBC helicopter tour. If you have no one for the tour, you can join a group and do the helicopter on a group sharing basis. You will share the journey with new people.

Why does the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour has no Everest Base Camp landing?

Everest Base Camp is in the gorge of Khumbu Glacier. The topography does not favor smooth and safe landings. It is quite a difficult job to land in such a place. Kalapathar has favorable topography for landings. Hence, there is no Everest Base Camp Landing. However, we will fly above Everest Base Camp to make you see the place.

Do we get an emergency oxygen cylinder for an emergency?

Yes, we always have oxygen cylinders for emergency requirements on tour. In case anyone requires it, we will provide them.

What is the age limit for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

No age limit. The EBC helicopter tour is an easy outing, so no specific age limit exists. Other than infants and sick people, we believe anyone can participate in this tour.

Does the weather affect Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour?

The weather is a significant factor. We must take precautions against lousy weather in the mountains. We have to wait until the weather improves.

Can I trek to Everest Base Camp and return to Kathmandu on a helicopter?

Yes, that is possible. A lot of people do that. Like them, you can also trek to Everest Base Camp and return to Kathmandu in a day from the base camp. You have to inform us about your plan.

Five Reasons to do Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

An experience for the lifetime

To visit Everest Base Camp and that also on a helicopter is an extraordinary experience in itself. As you know, the base camp of the world’s tallest peak is one of the most desired places. Travelers trek and fly to the place. In return, the Everest Base Camp tour offers mountains, nature, culture, people, and many more. The tour of reaching the base camp on a helicopter is a lifetime experience. You will live this fantastic experience by doing the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour.

For awe-inspiring mountains

Mt Everest is the crux of the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. However, the tour serves other mouth-opening mountain panoramas as well. Nepal is known for its iconic alpines, and Everest Region is home to many beauties. Other than Mt Everest, you can witness eight-thousanders like Cho Oyu(8,188m), Lhotse(8,516m), and Makalu(8,485m). The many other peaks are also sightable throughout the tour.

If you are a mountain lover, we do not see a better trip than this. Both on and off the ground, we will enjoy their beauties.

Avoid strenuous walk

“Everest Base Camp Trek” is a 14 days trek to the base camp. Often cited as a demanding trek, the tour is not for all of us. The walk might be suitable for elite and expert trekkers. But for someone like us, it can be a distant dream. Luckily, we, who do not or can’t walk the trail, have an alternative to Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. By choosing EBC Helicopter Tour, we will avoid a long walk and journey. We will complete the base camp visit in just one day. That also by not walking much.

A piece of cake for everyone

Unlike Everest Base Camp Trek, you do not have to be a professional walker for this plan. People of any age and travel experience can be a part of it. It is a piece of cake for everyone, an easy way to explore Mt Everest. We will land at Kala Patthar and fly above Everest Base Camp. Yet, you do not have to be an expert at anything. If you are excited to watch Mt Everest, that is enough. So you do not have to worry about your empty travel experience.

One Day Tour

Not to forget, Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is just one day long. On this trip, you will fly to Everest Base Camp, land at Kala Patthar, and dine at Everest View Hotel. And for that many things, one day is enough, not even the entire day. Just a few good weather hours are sufficient to complete this trip. Therefore, you cannot make an excuse that you can’t make it or have enough time.

Best Time for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

What is the right time for the trip? We know this question might be harboring in your mind, which is obvious. You surely need to have such a question. While learning about a trip, we must also check the right time for it. Then accordingly, we can begin planning our tour.

For your information, we have explained the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour in all four seasons below.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour in Spring

Spring, from March to May, is a particular time to visit Nepal. The mother of Mt Everest, Nepal, is full of travelers this season. For the best weather conditions, you will see a lot of visitors around the country, including the Everest region.

The season is known for stable weather conditions, clear views, and flowering time. While flying to Everest Base Camp(EBC) in Spring, you will see red and pink vegetation. It is a time for Rhododendron blossoms. Likewise, the peaks of the region look crystal-clear throughout the day. There is no disturbance as the skies are all clear. You will see clear Mt Everest.

Overall, Spring for visiting Everest Base Camp is a good time. The temperature is cozy enough to welcome you. The chances of bad weather are also low. No bad weather, no problems on tour.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour in Monsoon

June to August is the time for Monsoon in Nepal. The season brings clouds and rainfall along with it. Hence, it is an ideal time to visit if you love traveling in the rainy season.

Monsoon or Summer is a low time for Everest Base Camp visits. You will only find a few travelers on the trail to EBC. Most do not choose this season to avoid rainy weather, disturbed peak views, slippery paths, and unstable weather trends. This is not a good time for EBC. If you want to avoid those, you better opt for something other than this time.

Nevertheless, it is possible to reach EBC in Monsoon as well. This is a quiet time to be in the Everest region. The temperature is usually around 17-5 degrees in the daytime. And when the rain stops, you have a clear and rain-washed view of the vicinity. But as said earlier, we have to take chances against the uncertainties of the season.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour in Autumn

Autumn strides into Nepal after August and remains in Nepal until November. The monsoon clears all the dust off Nepal and hands it over to Autumn. It is the time of the year to experience fresh Nepal. Hence, people across the globe choose this season more often.

Autumn is a high time to visit Nepal to do an EBC tour. The season features excellent climatic conditions. Throughout the season, the weather is relatively stable and identical. Clear skies, warm temperatures, and bright sunny days are the major takeaways of the season. The daytime temperature of the Everest region is around 15-20 degrees.

Exploring Everest Base Camp in Autumn is highly suggested. The season allows the visitors to have a memorable experience in the landmark. You will love everything about the tour in Autumn. Not just a clear mountain panorama.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour in Winter

December to February is Winter in Nepal. Like everywhere, Winter is a cold season in Nepal in the Everest Region. Those who plan to visit Nepal during Winter have to experience chilly weather.

Winter is a high time for snowfall in the mountains. The weather could be more stable. There can be cases of heavy snowfall as well. Although the weather could be more travel-friendly, the view of EBC during Winter is unreal. The region gets a new veil of snowfall.

Winter is the best time for an Everest visit if the weather remains favorable for helicopter rides. The whole region turns into a white heaven in Winter. Completing the EBC helicopter tour in Winter is possible, but we must be ready to face climate uncertainties.

Which is the best season, then?

Autumn(September-November) and Spring(March-May) are the two good times for the Everest Base Camp visit. The two seasons have the most righteous weather for a helicopter flight to EBC. Alongside, we have the best sightseeing conditions as well.

However, that is different for Winter or Monsoon. We have amazing views, but we have to face fates for them. The climate is so unpredictable. Thus, these two latter seasons are less favorable.

Major Stops of Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

While doing the EBC tour, we will stop at several excellent stops in the Everest Region. Here is a little intro to these landmarks.

Lukla Airport

Lukla Airport is the tour’s first stop after flying from Kathmandu. A pause at the airport is necessary for refueling. We will land at the airport twice during the tour.

Lukla Airport, located in Lukla, is the gateway to the Everest Region. Known as one of the most famous airports, Lukla Airport is the starting and ending point of the Everest Base Camp Trek. Impressive mountains and hills surround the airport. And there are several good cafes and traditional Sherpa houses.

Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp(5,364m), the ultimate point of EBC Trek, is a well-known landmark in Nepal. Every year, people from all around the world summit the camp. The milestone is colorful with prayer flags and the EBC mark. We will also find colorful tents of Everest climbers. On this EBC helicopter tour, we do not land at the Everest Base Camp. The topography is unfavorable for landing. Instead, we will fly above the base camp area to land in Kala Patthar. We will not touch down the landmark, but we will observe it thoroughly.

Kala Patthar

Kala Patthar(5,545m) is a picturesque vantage point. The ultimate landing point of the EBC helicopter tour offers fantastic views, most notably of Mt Everest. Located above 5,500m altitude, Kala Patthar looks like a place made of black stone. Hence, It is named Kala Patthar; “Kala ” means Black, and “Patthar” means stone. The viewpoint offers an enticing panorama of Mt Everest, Nuptse, Pumori, Lhotse, Changtse, and many other peaks and surrounding hills.

Everest View Hotel

Everest View Hotel is one of the major highlights of the tour. Located at 3,962m, Everest View Hotel is one of the highest-placed hotels. It also once had a Guinness World Record for its height. This hotel is a beautiful place for breakfast while watching Mt Everest and other peaks. Hence, the EBC helicopter tour itinerary has a dine at Everest View Hotel in the plan. You’ll get a delicious breakfast and a lovely view of the entire Everest Region at Everest View Hotel.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Route

Our Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour begins by leaving Kathmandu. The helicopter will fly towards Nagarkot through Bhaktapur. Through these, we reach the hills of Jiri, a prominent local tourist destination. Our helicopter will find a spot to land at Lukla Airport by flying further. It will be the official entrance to the Everest Region.

Following refueling, our helicopter will take the skies of Namche and Syanboche. We will have a lot of good things to look at from above. But the aircraft will keep on moving. We will fly above Tengboche, Pheriche, and Gorak Shep to finally land at Kala Patthar. In the process, we will fly above the Everest Base Camp.

Upon landing in Kala Patthar, we will have 15 minutes of mountain watching. Once we complete sightseeing, our helicopter will retake the skies. Now, we will hover toward Everest View Hotel for a scenic breakfast. After breakfast and a panoramic view, we will return to our helicopter to fly back to Kathmandu via Lukla.

Essential Safety Tips for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

You must follow specific codes of conduct and standards while doing Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. These are all for the safe and comfortable completion of the tour. Therefore, acknowledge the following things for a safe and memorable helicopter travel experience.

  • Seat allocation will be done based on your weight.
  • You must remain in your allocated seat during the tour.
  • You must wear and tighten your seat beats through the helicopter ride.
  • Unnecessary standing up and moving are not allowed.
  • You must not go near the rotor fan and other dangerous shuttle parts.
  • Take permission from the captain before doing anything.
  • You must obey the instructions and commands of your pilot throughout the tour.
  • No smoking or drinking unless your captain allows it.

Packing List for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

As this is a helicopter tour, we do not need a big trekking bag for this tour. If we have a couple of things with us, we are good to make this fantastic trip. The weather up in the mountains and Kala Patthar is always cold. So pack some warm pairs of clothes. Likewise, we will get direct bright sunlight throughout the tour. Hence, carry sun gear like UV glass, cap, and sunscreen.

We have mentioned an essential packing list for the EBC helicopter tour. Just follow this. Add or subtract things as per your wish.

  • Inner Thermals
  • Down jacket
  • Scarfs
  • Warm trousers or pants
  • Sunscreen
  • UV protected glass
  • Fleece jacket or sweater
  • Light energy bars, dry fruits, and chocolates
  • Camera and extra batteries
  • Lip balm
  • Woolen cap
  • Thermal bottle water
  • Day rucksack

Difficulties of Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour almost avoids all the difficulties of the Everest Base Camp Trek. The tour is famous for that one fact. Unlike in Everest Base Camp Trek, you have to trek for weeks, climb steep hills, acclimate to altitudes, and walk on rough trails. We dodge all the hurdles by taking an EBC helicopter tour. Hence, the difficulties of the helicopter tour are merely zero. It is a comfortable outing with no such challenges.

Types of Trip Joinings

You can join Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour in two ways:

Private Joining

As the name says, you will do the tour privately. Unlike group joining, you will do Everest Base Camp visit alone or with your group. You can add up to five people. If you are uncomfortable with new people, this kind of joining is for you. In private joining, you will have a personal travel experience in the Everest Region with your loved ones. You have to pay the private joining cost by yourself and your group.

Group Joining

Whereas, in group joining, you join a group of strangers who are going to Everest. This sort of group joining is for solo travelers. You will share the journey with others by joining a group Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. Doing an EBC helicopter tour with new people is exciting as you get to know them. Therefore, if you are interested in doing an EBC helicopter visit but have no group, you can do a group joining. The group joining Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tours remains open for bookings.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour
  • Spring and Autumn
  • Kathmandu
  • 5,644.5 m (18,519 ft)
  • Breakfast
  • Private Vehicle/ Helicopter
  • Kathmandu