Kailash Via Simikot on Helicopter


Mt Kailash (6638m) is a significant religious mountain. The holy mountain is worshiped by the Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims all over the world. You will pass through the scenic landmarks of the region to arrive at the mountain.

The pilgrimage site gets visited by pilgrims from around the world. The beautiful Kailash Via Simikot on Helicopter 11 Days is a great way to arrive at this sacred destination. There are many lakes in the region, including Lake Mansarovar and Lake Rakshastal.

The trail will lead you through the beautiful terrains of the region to arrive at this spectacular destination. These lakes are of great religious significance as well and are considered quite holy. Hundreds of pilgrims from all over the world visit this sacred pilgrimage site.

Mt Kailash is widely believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. In the holy mountain, Lord Shiva meditated on smoking marijuana according to the local beliefs. Since the holy mountain remains in a remote high-altitude region, it requires rugged trekking. You will need to trek for many days to arrive at the destination. Hence, this incredible pilgrimage trip reduces the difficulty and duration of the journey significantly.

The beautiful snow-clad mountains of the region will enchant you along the trail. The scenic remote trails will ensure a great time exploring the area. Kailash Via Simikot on Helicopter 11 Days is a fantastic helicopter tour that takes you to your destination quickly. You can observe the incredible Himalayan vista during this short-duration tour. However, we will also take flights, drives, and others on this tour.

As we take a flight to Nepalgunj and then to Simikot, you will then fly on a helicopter tour to Hilsa, which remains on the border of Tibet. The trail will lead you to Mansarovar and complete the Kailash Kora. The entire Kora Circuit is a walking distance of 52 km long. The climbing of Mt Kailash is not possible as it remains prohibited due to religious reasons.

The Kora of Mount Kailash is significant religiously as it is considered to cleanse your past sins and attain “moksha.” The beautiful trails are of great significance in both Hinduism and Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism has many mythologies associated with the mountain.

Lake Mansarovar, Rakshastal, and others are the highlights of the trek. Mt. The Kailash Via Simikot on Helicopter 11 Days is ideal for travelers. Read on for detailed information about the Kailash Simikot helicopter tour.

Trip Highlights

  • Observing the spectacular vista of the snow-clad mountains
  • The pilgrimage tour of Mt. Kailash (Kailash Kora)
  • Dipping in Lake Mansarovar
  • An incredible helicopter tour from Simikot to Hilsa
  • Exploration of the local community in the region
  • Traveling through the scenic drive of the region
  • Excellent hospitality and warm people of local people


Upon your arrival at the capital city of Kathmandu, you will continue your journey to the hotel in the region. In the hotel, you will get briefed about the tour you will take in the area. After being informed about the time, you will rest at the Kathmandu hotel.

The beautiful tour will take you to the country's most religious and sacred temple site, Pashupatinath. The temple complex provides you with the best spiritual adventure in the region. The beautiful trail will lead you to an attractive destination from where you can have the best experience in the area.
Pashupatinath is a beautiful temple complex with large and small temple complexes. There are many Shivlings in the area, with a large temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Pilgrims from all over the world, especially in India, come to this temple complex to get a pilgrimage tour of the area. There you can absorb the spiritual atmosphere of the site.
You can also visit the surrounding areas and get many souvenir shops, restaurants, hotels, and others. After exploring and getting blessings, you will travel to the airport. You will board the flight from the airport to Nepalgunj, which takes around 1 hour. After arriving at Nepalgunj, you will rest at the hotel in the area.

You will take an early morning flight to Simikot from Nepalgunj. The beautiful flight provides you with the most fantastic views of the entire region. It will take another hour to arrive at the destination. You will then travel to the hotel in Simikot after arriving at the destination.

On this day of the tour, you will take a flight to Hilsa on a helicopter. The beautiful trail provides you with the best views of the entire region from a helicopter. You will arrive at the settlement of Hilsa from Simikot, which takes around 20 minutes.
After arriving at Hilsa, you will take another drive to Purang, at an altitude of 3800m. We will have to go through around three checkpoints, which will take around an hour to cross. After arriving at Purang, you will spend the night at the teahouse.

At the settlement of Purang Taklakot, you will rest and acclimatize on this day. This is essential as you will travel to an altitude above 4000m. Hence, you will need to adapt your body to the challenging conditions. For this, you will need to rest and acclimatize in the area.
To tackle altitude sickness, you will also need to rest and drink tons of water, around 4-5 liters at a high altitude. Altitude sickness is a severe challenge that can get tough to tackle if not treated in time. Hence, it is best if you tackle altitude sickness along the trail. You can explore the stunning landscapes of the area during this process. You can return to the hotel in the area after completing the acclimatization process.

On this day of the tour, you will travel to Mansarovar on a scenic drive. Located at an altitude of 4590m, the beautiful trail will lead you to the region's scenic landscapes. You will have your breakfast and then drive to your destination. The beautiful course also has many checkpoints which you will have to cross.
The total drive from Purang to Manasarovar Lake is 95 km. After driving 70 km from Taklakot, we will arrive at Rakshas Tal. On the right of the Rakshas Tal, you can find the Gurla Mandhata Parvat. There you can also get views of Mount Kailash and Manasarovar lake. You will then continue your drive from Rakshas Tal to Manasarovar Lake (25 km). You can continue the Parikrama of Mansarovar lake.

After having breakfast, you will continue your drive to Darchen (35 km ) and Yama Dwar (8 km). It is the starting point of the Kora Parikrama. You will get to the beautiful terrains of the region during this journey. We will then start your trek to Deraphuk for 14 km.
You can reach the North face of Mt. Kailash. If you do not want to trek around in a parikrama, you can wait for other pilgrims to finish the Parikrama. You will stay in Deraphuk for the night and rest.

We will have breakfast in the region and then continue your journey traversing the beautiful terrains. You will continue trekking through the area and cross the majestic Dolma La Pass, which takes around 3 km. The beautiful trek will take you through a steep hill, and then you will descend along the trail to arrive at the Dolma La Pass. You will descend to Gaurikund on the right for 2-3 hrs before reaching Phedi. After resting for some time, we continued to trek to the Zuthulphuk.

After having breakfast in the region, you will continue along the trail to arrive at Darchen. You will then trek through 8 km, which takes around 3 hrs. The beautiful course will lead you through the region to Hilsa on a scenic drive.

We will then fly on a helicopter trip to Simikot from Hilsa. The beautiful trail will lead you through the scenic landmarks of the region. It takes around 20 minutes to arrive at Simikot, from where you will take a flight to Nepalgunj. After arriving at Nepalgunj, you will take another flight to Kathmandu. You will spend the night in a Kathmandu hotel.

We will have a farewell program as our trip comes to an end. You will then board the flight to your destination.

Cost Includes

  • Kathmandu sightseeing tour included
  • Flight tickets for Kathmandu-Nepalgunj-Kathmandu provided
  • Fixed wing plane from Nepalgunj-Simikot-Nepalgunj included, with helicopter transfer from Simikot-Hilsa-Simikot
  • Domestic airport taxes covered
  • Tibet group visa and trekking permits included
  • Guesthouse accommodation provided in Tibet
  • All meals in Tibet (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) covered
  • Transportation in Tibet provided by luxury van/buses
  • English-speaking Tibetan guide included
  • Necessary supporting crew provided (cook, Sherpas, tour manager from Nepal)
  • Down jacket and sleeping bag provided (returnable)
  • Yaks and Yak men provided for the Parikrama around Mt. Kailash
  • Medical kit bag provided
  • Humla region restricted area permit and royalties included
  • Porter cost in Hilsa (for going and coming back) covered
  • All applicable taxes and service charges included

Cost Excludes

  • Additional hotel accommodation in Kathmandu
  • Option to ride a horse or yak during the Parikrama
  • Visit to Khojarnath temple
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Rescue and evacuation services
  • Any personal expenses
  • Cost of bottled drinks
  • Tips for guides and drivers
  • Additional costs due to unforeseen circumstances or natural disasters.

Best Time for Kailash Via Simikot on Helicopter 11 Days

This Kailash Simikot helicopter tour is ideal in the Spring and Autumn season. The beautiful trail becomes stable with dry trails in the region. There is a scenic vista that you can observe along the route. You will need harsh weather conditions and ideal temperatures to complete the trek. Hence, these peak seasons suit the Kailash Via Simikot on Helicopter 11 Days. These helicopter tours will provide you with the region’s best views in these seasons.

Spring is an ideal time for the trip as there are scenic vistas of the snow-clad mountains. The beautiful trail will lead you through the green trails in the region. Since you will also take flights and drives in remote and rugged terrains, you will need clear and calm weather to complete this journey. Spring is excellent weather with moderate temperatures in the region. There is a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere throughout the ideal trip. Hence, it is perfect for the Kailash Simikot helicopter tour.

Autumn is the second best time for a helicopter trip. The beautiful trip is ideal in the peak Autumn season as you will get the best weather conditions. You will travel through some of the significant landmarks in clear weather. The temperatures remain perfect with moderate temperatures, which will travel with ease. Another critical factor in the Autumn season is the festive atmosphere. You will observe the cultural trails with unique settlements along the route. You can get the best views of the Himalayan snow-clad mountains in the region.

Besides, summer-monsoon and winter seasons are quite challenging along the trail. There is unpredictable, unpredictable weather in the region which makes the trek quite tricky. Since the weather remains unpredictable, you will get prone to many delays and cancellations. Hence, you can choose Spring and Autumn for the Kailash Via Simikot on a Helicopter for 11 Days.


Kailash Via Simikot on Helicopter 11 Days is a beautiful pilgrimage tour that will take you through the scenic terrains of the region. You will pass through some significant landmarks to arrive at the destination. The serene trails will lead you through the numerous landscapes of the area to complete Mt. Kailash Kora circuit and Manasarovar Yatra. This tour is ideal for all travelers; you can contact us for more information about the trip. Have a safe trip!

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Kailash Via Simikot on Helicopter
  • Hotel/Lodge/Tea House
  • Kathmandu
  • Spring and Autumn
  • Kathmandu
  • 30% Cancellation Charge (Personal Reason)
  • Guided
  • 5000m approx.
  • Available
  • Covered