Kathmandu Chitwan Lumbini Pokhara Tour


Nepal is undoubtedly a fascinating country, whether from tourism prospects or others. With thousands of natural and cultural perks in the country, Nepal attracts thousands of tourists annually – in 2022 alone, more than 600,000 people visited Nepal.

From adventurous trekking in the Himalayas to cultural tours in some religious sites, Nepal has multiple destinations through divine beauty. We have brought a package of Kathmandu, Chitwan, Lumbini, and Pokhara Tour, where you can delve into some of the cultural experiences as well as the breathtaking natural beauties.

It is a ten-day tour that takes you from the ancient temples of Kathmandu to the jungles of Chitwan and the peaceful environment of the Lumbini area. Not only that, but from the sky of Sarangkot to the deep-down caves of Mahendra Gufa, you will cherish every step of this tour. You will surely meet your needs and interests in visiting and experiencing the natural experiences in Nepal through this comprehensive tour.

Let’s start the comprehensive guide to our ten days Kathmandu Chitwan Lumbini Pokhara Tour in detail.


Location: Kathmandu

Activity: Hotel Check-In

You will land at Tribhuvan International Airport on the first day of your Kathmandu Chitwan Lumbini Pokhara Tour. Our representative will welcome you at the airport and then take you to the respective hotels. You will stay a night at the reserved hotel with an attached bathroom and high-speed internet services. Also, you will have a hot shower in the bathroom.

The hotel provides meals, but you can also go on a food hunt around Kathmandu at night.

Location: Kathmandu Valley

Activity: Excursion/Sightseeing

Your tour starts on the second day and you will leave your hotel packing the essential things for you. Then, you will go on for the sightseeing programs around several places in Kathmandu valley. You will cover famous sites like Kathmandu/Patan/Bhaktapur Durbar Square and temples like Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, and Swayambhunath.

You also can go for short trips to Telkot and Nagarkot. You can delve into the inner Newar city and enjoy its traditional cuisine and culture. Some Newari groups might also perform dances and sing in the Guthis.

You will cover some significant places in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan and return to your hotel in the evening.

Location: Chitwan

Drive Time: 4-5 Hours

On the third day, you will set off to the beautiful destination of Chitwan. You will book a ticket for a bus that takes you to Chitwan. You can also take a flight to Chitwan from Kathmandu, but we have set the vehicle transportation for this package.

Your total drive time will be around 4 to 5 hours. If you start your journey early in the morning, you will reach Chitwan early in the afternoon and can spare your time for extra activities.

Location: Chitwan

Activity: Sightseeing

The fourth day involves several activities like jungle safari, bird watching, elephant surfing, and many more. You will ride to the Chitwan National Park by vehicle and then engage in a jungle safari. It opens up the way to discover the wildlife of the National Park - you will get a chance to see the wild animals including Bengal Tiger, Rhinoceros, Boars, and others.

You can have an experience of bird watching in the rivers as well as from the resorts. Many resorts now have the provision of bird watching as one of their services.

Besides that, visits to Tharu and Chepang Village also can be done, but it is optional. Indigenous and primitive communities like Tharu and Chepang live in Chitwan.

Location: Lumbini

Drive Hour: 4 Hours

From Chitwan, you will be driving to Lumbini on the fifth day. It takes little time to reach Lumbini since it is situated in the neighboring district, Kapilvastu. You will get Lumbini after around 4 hours of driving from your starting point in Chitwan.

You will visit and explore the city or rest in the hotel for the rest of the day.

Location: Lumbini

Activity: Sightseeing

A sightseeing tour in Lumbini is the next thing you will do on the sixth day. You will travel to Ashoka Pillar, Mayadevi Temple, Mayadevi garden, etc. You will get an educational onboarding in Lumbini through which you can learn about Siddhartha Gautama and the evolution of Buddhism.

You can also visit the meditation centers around Lumbini that deal with inner peace and spirituality.

Location: Pokhara/Palpa

Activity: Drive to Pokhara

It's the day to leave Lumbini and head for the new destination, Pokhara. You will be traveling through Palpa, and its regional headquarter, Tansen. You can make your stop in Tansen and visit the nearby places.

It takes a little bit of time to reach Pokhara from Lumbini. The average time of driving from Lumbini to Pokhara is around 3 hours.

Location: Pokhara

Activity: Sightseeing

On the eighth day, you will travel to different places around Pokhara and enjoy a relaxing day. Places like Mahendra gufa, Phewa lake, Begnas lake, and World Peace Pagoda can be visited today.

Remember, the nightlife of the lakeside is heaven; you can get a variety of food and drinks. You also can go clubbing and enjoy the live party and music. You will stay in a hotel overnight.

Location: Pokhara/Kathmandu

Activities: Trekking/Driving

On the ninth day, you will start your trek to Sarangkot early in the morning to view the sunrise. You will be hiking for around a couple of hours to reach the top of the hill, from where you can view the majestic Machhapuchhre peak alongside other Annapurna ranges.

The view of the sunrise is exceptional and beyond imagination.

After completing your trek, you will return to Pokhara, have a meal, and head toward Kathmandu. You will reach the capital city by evening and stay in a hotel.

The tenth day is the day of your departure from Nepal. You will take a lot of experience from this tour, take a flight, and fly back to your country.

Cost Includes

  • Airport pick up and transfer to hotel.
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini, Chitwan (Bed & Breakfast)
  • Professional Licensed Tour Guide
  • Private Vehicle for Transportation
  • All facilities and programs as mentioned in itinerary
  • All Government Tax and office service charge.
  • Pickup and drop from and to Airport

Cost Excludes

  • Dinner and Lunch during Kathmandu stay
  • International flight ticket
  • Nepal Entry VISA Fee
  • Drinks and Beverages and Personal Nature Expenses
  • Emergency Rescue or Evacuation if needed
  • Tips and Donations
  • All cost not mentioned in Cost Includes

Introduction to Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a beautiful city inhabited mainly by Newars; however, you can find diverse ethnic groups and people from several backgrounds. Nepal’s capital city has a great history and story of evolution and the beginning of the new Nepal. History cites that Kathmandu was a lake before, and Manjushree shed the water through the gorge of Chovar. The beginning civilization of this valley dates back centuries. The Licchavis, Shahs, and Malla dynasties ruled this valley throughout the timeline before the monarchy got pulled off a decade ago.

What are the beauties of the valley?

Kathmandu valley has the highest prospect of tourism since this ancient city features religious shrines and historical infrastructures. One of the main attractions is Pashupatinath Temple, a major Hindu temple lies in Nepal. The Hindu shrine situated on the banks of the Bagmati River is considered one of the most prominent temples of Lord Shiva.

Similarly, several other religious destinations exist, like Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple), Budhanilkantha, Boudhanath, and many others. Boudhanath is one of the largest stupas in Nepal and one of the most important sites for Tibetan Buddhism.

Besides that, there are many historical infrastructures like Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, and Bhaktapur Durbar Square. In addition, other destinations like Dharahara, Clock Tower, Rani Pokhari, Narayanhiti Museum, and many others.

What are other attractions of Kathmandu Valley?

Kathmandu valley offers more than just a tourist destination. The city is rich in culture, cuisine, music, and dance performance. Since most of the people are from the Newar community, you find the local cuisine of the community which is one of the most dreamy foods of people around the globe.

Besides, the diverse ethnic settlement will reflect the ‘Unity in Diversity.’

If you are a music and party lover, you can search for the clubs around the Thamel area, where you can enjoy live music alongside a buffet. No matter what, your trip to Kathmandu will lead you through some outstanding places, giving you a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Chitwan And Its Beauty

Chitwan is located in the Terai belt of Nepal. From traversing through the Tharu community to going for jungle safari and other sports like elephant riding, Chitwan offers you a wide array of options. One of your significant activities during your Chitwan tour will be taking a safari in Chitwan National Park. The national park is enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage site, where you can see endangered animals like Tigers, Leopards, Sloth Bears, and Rhinos.

The next thing is visiting Tharu villages, an indigenous community of Nepal, who have lived in Terai for centuries. You can try Tharu cuisine, which includes freshwater fish, wild mushrooms, pig, chicken, boar, and wild rabbit.

Besides that, you can also visit the Chepang Village, which is one of the primitive communities of Nepal.

Lumbini Tour And Its Attracting Places

Lumbini is known to the world as the birthplace of Lord Gautama Buddha. It is located in Kapilvastu District, located south of the capital city, Kathmandu. The main motto of the Lumbini tour is to visit the Mayadevi temple and explore Buddhist culture and tradition.

Mayadevi Temple is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is very famous as it was where Siddhartha Gautam’s mother, Mayadevi, gave birth to him. You can also see a holy water pool and garden near the temple the Indian Emperor Ashoka constructed.

Ashoka also built the Ashoka Pillar in Lumbini, which is worshiped now by thousands of Buddhist devotees who visit Lumbini. Besides, the monasteries rich in architecture, artworks, and sculptures are worth watching.

Besides that, you also can visit meditation places like Panditarama Lumbini Vipassana Meditation Center, Dhamma Janani Vipassana Meditation Centre, and The World Center For Peace And Unity.

The Beautiful City Of Pokhara

Pokhara city does not need an introduction: it is the definition of beauty to the world. From the views of mountain peaks to the deep blue lakes and from the top of hills to the lower base of the caves, Pokhara comes second to none regarding natural beauty.

A few decades back, Pokhara was seen as the destination for boating, but now the scenarios have changed since there are many beauty explorations inside the city. Let’s talk first about the lakes; Phewa, Rupa, and Begnas lakes are one of the most alluring watersheds of Nepal. Boating, fishing, and swimming in these natural water pools have been the daily activities of people who travel to Pokhara.

Alongside lakes, there comes the underneath lying of beautiful caves. As known with the record, there are three significant caves in Pokhara: Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave, Mahendra Cave, and Chamera Cave. These caves give you insight into the core build of Pokhara underneath. Mahendra Gufa will lead you to Davis Falls, which is a natural stream with immense force and kinetic movement.

Besides that, trekking has been a significant part of the recreational activities you can do in Pokhara. Trekking to Sarangkot is the popular one, and White Gumba (World Peace Pagoda) also attracts thousands of tourists. The primary activities include sightseeing at sunrise and sunset from these spots. Similarly, you can visit the Mountain museum in Pokhara, which has stored historical antiques for years. The main thing it manifests is the interactive way of exhibiting Nepal’s mountain climbing history.


Kathmandu Chitwan Lumbini Pokhara Tour is a unique way to explore Nepal’s cultural and natural attractions in an immersive way. Traveling from one city to another, you will gain every insight into not only natural beauty but also the cultural experiences and lifestyle of the people.

Moreover, you will get to taste some of the indigenous cuisines during the tour that reflects the culture and traditions of people here.

If you are an avid traveler and planning a unique adventure in Nepal: plan ahead, research your destinations thoroughly, be mindful of cultural customs, and remember to bring your camera!

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