Muktinath Darshan Yatra By Land from Pokhara


The sacred site of Muktinath, lying at the foothills of Larky peak, is a popular religious destination. Lying at 3710 meters, this is one of the highest pilgrimage sites in the world. Its remote location and height make obtaining its worship very challenging. People make strenuous treks and climb to reach this remote location. But we at Nebira Holidays have a very convenient package to help you with this. We bring you a Muktinath Darshan by land package curated for a convenient road trip.

This packaged trip aims to take you to Muktinath for worship, along with a tour of Pokhara. We will start our journey from Pokhara and end with departure from Pokhara. On the first day, we will leave Pokhara and head to Jomsom in a private jeep. The roads will be rugged and rocky for most of the trip and get smoother once we leave Beni. Then the next day, we will head toward the Muktinath temple and perform our rituals and prayers. After that, we head back to the city of lakes, Pokhara. The next day we will tour Pokhara, visiting its many attractions sites. The tour ends with a departure back to your home from Pokhara.

This short trip aims to help you do the Muktinath Darshan and tour Pokhara without much prep. Making itineraries, handling logistics, and booking vehicles and hotels are a huge hassle. We aim to make your trip easier by making those arrangements for you. The combined tour of Muktinath and Pokhara will never be this relaxing.

Trip highlights

  • Worship at the mystical Muktinath temple.
  • Avoid challenging treks by taking the paths around the Annapurna Circuit by road
  • Visit the beautiful city of lakes, Pokhara.
  • Get a chance to visit Gupteshwor cave, Bat cave, Seti gorge, Sarangkot viewpoint, World peace pagoda, etc., in Pokhara.
  • Pass through various Tibetan hamlets across the Annapurna circuit trails.
  • Enjoy boating across Phewa lake.
  • Pass through the deepest gorge of Kali Gandaki and the rocky trails to Jomsom.
  • View the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountains up close.


Jomsom’s altitude - 2743 meters

Traveling hours - 7 hours to 8 hours

Distance traveled - 158 km

Overnight stay at Jomsom

We will depart Pokhara early in the morning and travel to Jomsom. The journey begins with the route leading through Kusma and Beni to Tatopani. This region contains the Galeshwor Temple and the Tatopani Natural Hot Spring. Then, we travel through the Kali Gandaki gorge, the deepest gorge in the world. Larjung, Tukuche, Marpha, Jomsom, Kagbeni, and Jharkot are a few of the hamlets we pass through. After that, we reach Ranipauwa. The roads are a little bad throughout the trip, but they get better after we reach Beni. Dhaulagiri and Annapurna's mountain panoramas are breathtaking the entire way.

After we arrive at Jomsom, we will check in at a local lodge. The accommodations here will be not as facilitating as in Pokhara but still be very cozy. We will get much-needed sleep after hours on road and call it a day.

Pokhara’s altitude - 822 meters

Traveling hours - 8 hours to 10 hours

Distance traveled - 175 meters

Overnight stay at Pokhara

We will arrive at the Muktinath temple, located at 3710 meters, after traveling for around an hour or so. You will now have a short window of time to perform the temple darshan before we we get back to Pokhara. 108 cow faces structure and streams of water will be part of the temple. Additionally, there are waterspouts that are also 108 in number. Before prayers, devotees are often observed bathing in these spouts or a sacred pond next to the temple.

When you are through with your exploration and worship, we shall return to Pokhara. We'll follow the same path that brought us here. As we move from the mountains of Mustang to the hills of Pokhara, there will be numerous descents. The same Himalayas and rugged terrain accompany you the entire trip. After a full day of travel, we'll finally reach Pokhara by nightfall.

We'll check into a lakeside hotel and get some rest. Since the trip to Muktinath will be exhausting, we should get plenty of rest before tomorrow's tour.

Pokhara’s altitude - 822 meters

Overnight stay at Pokhara

Our third day of travel will be jam-packed with amazing destination exploration in and around Pokhara. We'll head to the Sarangkot viewpoint early in the morning to see the sunrise. The Himalayas being illuminated by the sun during the crack of dawn will create a magnificent scene. We will stop by the Bindabasini temple for early morning worship on the way back to the hotel. Then we'll return to our hotel and eat breakfast.

After that, we will take a little boat ride to the TaalBarahi temple. We then depart from the lakeside to see the cave of Gupteshwor Mahadev. Devi's Fall, Seti Gorge, and the Bat Cave will also be on our to-visit list.

Day 4 :

Within three days we will be done with our trips to Muktinath and tour of Pokhara city. So the fourth day will be the last day of the trip. This day you will depart back home after finishing this short trip. You will get back home refreshed and relaxed after this short getaway trip.

Cost Includes

  • Accommodation in a basic guest house or lodge during the trip.
  • Meals during the trip (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).
  • All necessary permits and entrance fees for the trip.
  • English-speaking tour guide.
  • Bottled water during the trip.

Cost excludes:

  • International and domestic airfare.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Personal expenses such as phone calls, laundry, and tips.
  • Additional meals and drinks not included in the itinerary.
  • Any additional expenses caused by unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, political unrest, or flight delays.
  • Any expenses related to emergency evacuation or medical treatment.
  • Any expenses not specifically mentioned in the itinerary.


Can we cover our trip to Muktinath and Pokhara tour in four days?

Yes, we can easily finish the tour in four days. A jeep trip to Jomsom takes around 7 hours. So the journey to and back from Muktinath finishes in two days. We will have a day left for sightseeing and another for departure.

What is the most remote part of the trip?

We will reach the farthest to the Muktinath temple. It lies at an altitude of 3710 meters near the Tibetan borders of Nepal.

Where will we be staying throughout the different trips we make?

Throughout your travels, you’ll be staying in the city’s hotels. The hotels in Pokhara will be more accommodating. However, you will stay at lodges that are close by in Muktinath. The lodges aren’t like the hotels in Pokhara but are still very comfortable.

What kind of meals can we expect to eat while traveling?

During the journey, you will be able to eat typical Nepali foods. It consists of meals that include pickles, lentils, vegetable curries, and rice or rotis. There will be meals provided that are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. You should let us know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements, though.

Is this vacation suitable for families?

Yes, if you’re thinking about taking your family to Muktinath or Pokhara, we highly recommend this tour. We primarily take pre-planned road excursions for the trip. There is almost seldom any physical effort involved. Additionally, we have already taken care of your lodging and meals. As a result, you won’t have a lot of trouble organizing logistics and child care.

Do we need to hike or climb for a long duration during this trip?

No, you need not make any sort of long-duration hikes on the trip. If you wish to stroll around the area of your daily destination, you are free to. But most of the trip occurs with travel via jeep.

Are any types of permits necessary for the trip?

You will need the Annapurna Conservation Area Permit for the trip. We will be passing through the protected region of Annapurna during our visit to Muktinath.

Reasons you must take this trip

A chance to visit the sacred site of Muktinath

According to the Sri Vaishnava school of Hinduism, Muktinath is the 108th Divya Desam out of 196. Hindus revere the area known as Divya Desam, also referred to as the “divine realm,” as a sacred place. The only Divya Desam to exist outside of India is Muktinath. It also belongs to one of Nepal’s Char Dhams.

Muktinath Temple is sometimes referred to as the “Liberation arena” or “Mukti Kshetra.” As a result, people think that going to a temple will provide them with moksha, or liberation. The temple has a history in addition to this prized notion. According to Sri Vaishnava literature, the temple’s previous name was Thiru Saligramam. The Saligram Shila, a Vishnu monument erected there, is thought to have its origins in the Gandaki river.

Both the Hindu and Buddhist faiths hold Muktinath in the highest respect. Muktinath is referred to by the local Buddhists as Chuming Gyasta, which is Tibetan for “Hundred Waters.” The Tibetan school of Buddhism holds the Muktinath in high respect. They claim that the statue symbolizes “Avalokitevara.” This personifies the benevolence of all Buddhas.

Muktinath is, therefore, a notable location that has had this kind of impact on both Buddhists and Hindus. We advise you not to miss this opportunity if you haven’t been to a place with such religious significance.

Tour the beautiful city of Pokhara

Pokhara is among the most popular vacation sites in Nepal. The city is vibrant, naturally beautiful, and very enjoyable. It has ample tourist sites, and you can never get tired of visiting the place. The city welcomes you with its beautiful site of lakes and mountains reflecting upon them. You will stay in the lakeside area and be blessed with the views of mountains throughout the stay. Along with the natural landscapes, the city also has many religious sites. The Gupteshwor cave, the Tal Barahi temple, the Bindabashini temple, the world peace pagoda, etc., are revered.

Visit the Mustang / Annapurna circuit trails on a road trip.

People hike a long way to visit the Muktinath temple or the Mustang region. To get to Mustang, you must pass through a number of isolated high-altitude hamlets. You must complete the Annapurna Circuit Trek if you wish to walk to Muktinath. There are various ways to travel the Annapurna circuit, but they all require crossing the Thorang La pass in order to get to Muktinath.

These hikes are difficult and dangerous. You must choose the right timing, guides, and lodging near the trails. For our packaged tour, these preparations are not necessary, though. If you travel by road to see the Muktinath Darshan, you won’t have to focus all of your energy on these things.

Although we mainly aim to visit Muktinath temple, we will also get hours’ worth of travel around the Annapurna circuit trails. We get a chance to observe various hamlets and landscapes of the region. The mountain vistas and unique rocky landforms of the roads are very pleasing to watch.

A short family gateaway trip

Not everyone has the time or desire to trek to Muktinath or plan a long itinerary. When organizing a family vacation, it is challenging to go on long treks. As a result, traveling to Muktinath with your family is much easier when you do it on a package trip. If you planned to tour Pokhara and Muktinath together, it would take a very long time. Especially if you manage the logistics on your own, the trip will take more than a week. However, if you choose our package of Muktinath Darshan Yatra by Land, it’s much easier.

We plan all your logistics, and your itinerary is almost fixed unless some emergency occurs. Our trip will finish in less than four days and be very smooth. We will take a single private vehicle and finish our trip strictly following our schedule. It will be a perfect short gateaway, especially for family trips.

Best time for the Muktinath Darshan tour

The finest seasons for trekking in Nepal are spring and autumn. The same holds if you inquire about the ideal time to travel for the Muktinath Darshan tour. You need not walk on foot much during this trip. However, the climate and weather of spring and autumn make even the by-road trip much better. Climate-wise, these seasons are ideal and provide relatively consistent weather. Snowfall or intense rainstorm-related turbulence is decreased. Roadblocks brought on by deep snow or muddy trails are also less frequent during these months. Additionally, these months are not very chilly or hot for travel. Packing for a brief four-day trip will be a lot simpler.

But, for this package, we are accessible all year long. Winter vacations to Mustang are highly popular as the snow looks so gorgeous this time of year. When snowfall is at its heaviest, the Himalayas appear magical. If you decide to visit Muktinath at that time, we will accommodate you. The summer break during Pokhara and Muktinath would also be a great gateaway trip. If your choice is to make this trip during that time, we are ready for you.

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Muktinath Darshan Yatra By Land from Pokhara
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