Muktinath Puja Worship Tour


Muktinath is one of the holiest destinations among Hindu pilgrims. Lying among the foothills of the Larkey peak in the remote Upper Mustang region, the temple is highly revered. It stands at a height of 3710 meters and is the highest pilgrimage site in the world. The site is quite difficult to access due to its remote location. We at Nebira holidays propose a special package of Muktinath Puja Worship to make your Muktinath visit easier.

Our package for Muktinath Puja worship includes a journey via road and flight to reach Muktinath. The trip will take 12 days to complete, including our Puja Katha. We will make the commute to Muktinath easier by using jeep and aircraft rather than hikes. It cuts our journey short and allows that time to spend on the grand Puja Katha. Along with a pilgrimage to Muktinath, we also include a short sightseeing tour of Pokhara.

The trip begins with your arrival at Pokhara airport. Then we leave from Pokhara for Muktinath by jeep. We will have plenty of time at Muktinath as we separate a week’s time for Puja Katha at Muktinath. After our week-long worship and rituals, we will head back to Pokhara on our jeep. Then we will have a day full of sightseeing activities in Pokhara. After that, you will depart back to your home and call an end to the Muktinath Puja Worship trip.

This excursion is designed to make it easier for you to see Pokhara and perform the Muktinath Darshan. Making schedules, managing logistics, and reserving transportation and lodging is a significant bother. By taking care of those details for you, we hope to make your journey simpler. Muktinath and Pokhara combination tours will never be this tranquil.

Trip highlights

  • Worship in the ethereal Muktinath temple.
  • Take by road travel that round the Annapurna Circuit trails, avoiding strenuous treks.
  • Visit Pokhara, a lovely city with many lakes.
  • Gain access to Pokhara’s Gupteshwor Cave, Bat Cave, Seti Gorge, Sarangkot Viewpoint, and other attractions.
  • Cross numerous Tibetan hamlets along the routes of the Annapurna Circuit.
  • Be a part of the holy Puja Katha worship at Muktinath.
  • Travel to Jomsom along the rugged trails and the deepest gorge of the Kali Gandaki.
  • Have fun paddling across Phewa Lake.
  • Get a close-up look at the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains.


Pokhara’s altitude - 822 meters

Overnight stay at Pokhara

Today will be the first day of our 12 days long Muktinath Puja Worship trip. We will gather in Kathmandu before we head to Pokhara. You will all arrive at the airport of Pokhara, and our team will receive you. Then we will transfer you to a hotel in the Pokhara lakeside for the day.

Rest of the day we will spend briefing you about our journey and the Puja Katha rituals. At the end of the day, we will have a delicious Nepali meal for supper before going to bed.

Muktinath’s altitude - 3710 meters

Overnight stay at Muktinath

Early in the morning, we'll leave Pokhara and head to Muktinath. The route from Kusma and Beni to Tatopani serves as the starting point of the excursion. The Tatopani Natural Hot Spring and the Galeshwor Temple are located here. The world's deepest gorge, the Kali Gandaki, is the next stop on our journey.

We travel through hamlets like Larjung, Tukuche, Marpha, Jomsom, Kagbeni, and Jharkot, to name a few. We then arrive in Ranipauwa. The roads could be better the entire way, but they start to get better as we get to Beni. The views of the mountains, including Dhaulagiri and Annapurna, are breathtaking. We will pass through Jomsom then within an hour or so we will reach Muktinath.

The temple will welcome you with a building with 108 cow faces and streams of water. There are also waterspouts, which total 108 in number. Devotees are frequently seen bathing in these spouts or a sacred pond next to the temple before prayers.

Muktinath’s altitude - 3710 meters

Overnight stay at Muktinath

We will spend a week, days three to nine, on rituals related to the Puja Katha.

Day 10 : Muktinath to Pokhara

Pokhara’s altitude - 822 meters

Overnight stay at Pokhara

Today we will return to Pokhara as we finish our Puja Katha at Muktinath. The same route that led us here will be taken again. There will be a number of descents as we travel from the Upper Mustang Mountains to the Pokhara Hills. Along with you, the journeys are the same Himalayas and rough terrain. We will eventually arrive in Pokhara after a full day of travel.

We will check into our hotel in Pokhara upon arrival for our overnight stay. This will mark the end of day 10.

Day 11 : Pokhara Sightseeing

Pokhara’s altitude - 822 meters

Overnight stay at Pokhara

We have a great destination to explore in and around Pokhara on our eleventh day of the trip. We'll leave for the Sarangkot viewpoint early in the morning to see the sun rising. The Himalayas will look gorgeous when the sun first rises in the morning and illuminates them. On the way back to the hotel, we'll make a morning prayer stop at the Bindabasini temple. We'll then head back to the hotel and have breakfast there.

We will then travel by small boat to the TaalBarahi temple after that. Afterward, we drive out from the lakeside region to visit Gupteshwor Mahadev's cave. We'll also include Devi's Fall, Seti Gorge, and the Bat Cave on our list of places to see.

Day 12

Today will mark the official end of our Muktinath Puja Worship trip. We will be done with our Muktinath religious excursion and the Pokhara tour. You will leave for your home through the Pokhara airport. We will see you off in our private vehicle till the airport to board your plane.

Cost Includes

  • Pick up and drop-off at the airport
  • Private transportation during the trip
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu and Pokhara
  • Accommodation in Jomsom and Muktinath
  • All meals during the tour
  • English-speaking tour guide
  • Muktinath entrance fee
  • Puja arrangements
  • Oxygen cylinder and first aid kit

Cost Excludes

  • International airfare
  • Nepal entry visa fees
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • Extra expenses caused by unforeseen circumstances like natural calamities, political unrest, flight cancellation, etc.
  • Personal expenses like tips, snacks, beverages, etc.


How long is the Muktinath Puja Worship package?

The trip for Muktinath Puja Worship will take 12 days. This includes your days at the Katha Puja, arrival and departure, and your Pokhara tour.

Where is the tallest point of this journey?

This journey’s summit will be at 3710 meters at the Muktinath temple in Mustang.

Is it okay to go on this trip with the elderly and those with disabilities?

Yes, this is the major goal of our travel arrangements. The journey to the isolated Upper Mustang region is really difficult. As a result, we go above and beyond to maximize logistics in a way that is advantageous to all parties. Anyone physically unable to travel frequently or who is too elderly to do so is welcome to join this tour. It is completely secure.

Do we need to spend much time climbing or hiking on our trip?

No, you are not required to engage in strenuous hiking during the tour. You can take a stroll around the neighborhood where you spend your daily time. However, jeep travel makes up the majority of the journey.

Are there any licenses or permits required for the trip?

We will go through the Annapurna protected area during our trip to Muktinath. So, you must have a permit for the Annapurna Conservation Area.

Where will we stay on each stage of our trip?

You’ll be staying in city hotels and lodges throughout your journey. There will be appropriate and welcoming hotel choices in Pokhara. Muktinath, on the other hand, has local lodges that are cozy but not as lavish as Pokhara’s hotels.

What kind of cuisine should we expect to consume when traveling?

While traveling, you will eat traditional Nepali cuisine. Included are dishes like pickles, lentils, vegetable curries, rice or rotis, and those that also include pickles. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options will be available for the meals. But do let us know ahead of time if you have any special dietary needs.

Best time for the Muktinath Puja Worship trip

Spring and autumn are the best times to go trekking in Nepal. The same is true if you want to know when to go on the Muktinath Puja Worship tour. During this journey, you won’t have to travel much on foot. But even a by-road vacation is much nicer in the spring and fall because of the climate and weather. These are the best seasons for the climate because they have fairly steady weather. Turbulence caused by heavy rain or snowfall is lessened. Additionally, fewer roadblocks due to thick snow or muddy trails occur during these months. Also, these are neither particularly frigid nor hot months for travel. A quick four-day trip will make packing much easier.

However, we are available all year round for this package. Since winter snow looks, so beautiful, winter trips to Mustang are pretty well-liked. The Himalayas take on a magnificent appearance when it is snowing the most. We will accommodate you if you choose to go to Muktinath at that time. You could also choose summer for this trip if you plan Pokhara and Muktinath during summer break. We are ready for you if you decide to go.

Why partake in the Muktinath Puja Worship trip?

Wonderful opportunity to visit Muktinath’s holy place

Muktinath is ranked 108th out of 196 Divya Desams by the Sri Vaishnava school of Hinduism. The “divine domain,” also known as Divya Desam, is regarded as a sacred sanctuary by Hindus. Only Muktinath is a Divya Desam that is present outside of India. It is also a part of a Char Dham in Nepal.

Some people refer to Muktinath Temple as the “Liberation arena” or “Mukti Kshetra.” People believe that visiting a temple will provide them with moksha, or liberation, as a result. Along with this highly regarded idea, the temple has a history. The temple was formerly known as Thiru Saligramam, in accordance with Sri Vaishnava literature. Thought to have its roots in the Gandaki river is the Saligram Shila, a Vishnu monument built there.

Muktinath is revered greatly by both the Buddhist and Hindu faiths. The name Chuming Gyasta, which translates as “Hundred Waters” in Tibetan, is how the local Buddhists refer to Muktinath. Buddhism practiced in Tibet places a significant value on the Muktinath. They assert that “Avalokitevara,” represented by the temple statue, is the personification of kindness in Buddhism.

In light of this, Muktinath is a noteworthy site that has influenced both Buddhists and Hindus in this way. If you have never traveled to a place with such high religious significance, we suggest you not to pass up this chance.

A quick sightseeing trip in Pokhara

Pokhara is one of the top tourist destinations in Nepal. The city is energetic, breathtakingly gorgeous, and a great place to be. You can never get sick of visiting the area because there are so many tourist attractions. As you enter the city, you are greeted by a stunning view of the mountains and lakes. The view of the mountains as they appear in the lakes is really lovely. In most areas of the city, mountains like Dhaulagiri and Machhapuchre can be seen.

The stunning Phewa lake in the tourism region also lends the area vitality. Since the hotels are located around Phewa Lake’s proximity, you will be fortunate to stay nearby a water body. Therefore, during your stay, you will enjoy views of the mountains.

In addition to its stunning natural settings, the city is home to numerous religious landmarks. The world peace pagoda, the Tal Barahi temple, the Bindabashini temple, and other locations are venerated.

Pass through the Upper Mustang / Annapurna circuit trails

People hike great distances to the Muktinath temple or the Upper Mustang region. There are several remote high-altitude hamlets that you must pass through in order to get to Mustang. If you want to walk to Muktinath, you must finish the Annapurna Circuit Trek. There are several ways to complete the Annapurna circuit, but each requires going over the Thorang La mountain to reach Muktinath.

These hikes are challenging and hazardous. The correct schedule, guides, and lodging must be selected to be accessible to the trails. These preparations are optional for our pre-packaged tour, though. You will only need to expend some of your attention on these concerns if you take the road to visit the Muktinath Darshan. Most of the logistics will be dealt with by us, and you will not partake in any difficult treks. However, you will pass through trails of the Upper Mustang and Annapurna region.

While our primary goal is to visit the Muktinath temple, we will also spend hours passing through the Annapurna circuit paths. We can see a variety of the area’s hamlets and scenery. The views of the mountains and the distinctive rocky features along the roadways are beautiful to behold.

Accessible trip for the Muktinath Darshan

Many old folks wish to visit the Muktinath temple for worship purposes. But travel to remote places like Muktinath is very difficult. You should make plans for transportation, lodgings, and many other logistics. We at Nebira Holidays make such arrangements for you easier. All your logistics will be covered by us. We have also curated this package to be accessible for old folks and family trips.

We also have a short sightseeing trip to Pokhara in the package. That will be a cherry on top for this religious adventure as we end with a Pokhara tour.

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Muktinath Puja Worship Tour
  • Hotel/Lodges
  • Pokhara
  • Spring and Autumn
  • Pokhara
  • Guided
  • 3840 meters / 12598 feet
  • Breakfast
  • Private Vehicle/ Flight